Frozen Drinks


Polynesian Pleasure frozen drink mix is blended from the freshest fruit, puree and fruit juice to make a refreshingly delightful tropical cocktail, enjoyed with or without alcohol.

Drinks can be made in Blenders, Granita Machines or Batch mix machine.

We service all major brands of frozen beverage equipment. Service is available 24/7
Open a list of flavors in a pdf here.
Flavors Currently Available
Packaged in 6-1/2 Gallons per case. Bag in Box available for some flavors.

We offer non-dairy, shelf stable Smoothies.  Packaged in 6-1/2 Gallons per case

Flavors available are:

Berry Blend
Pina Colada
Super Strawberry
Wild Berry


Ono Ice Slush Mix easy to use and shelf stable packaged in 6-1/2 Gallon bottles.
Just mix the flavor with 5 equal parts water, pour into machine and turn on the profits.
Sold by the case only, but feel free to mix & match the flavors.
We currently have 7 great flavors to choose
from. Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Mango,
Orange, Pina Colada & Strawberry.